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Top-down 2D survival adventure game. · By reFure


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Alpha 1.2 progress
Small preview of the upcoming alpha 1.2 update. There is a lot of new stuff incoming...widescreen support, new island, progression, cellars, caves and much more...
a1.1.2 released!
Thanks to Endre for pointing out these bugs! Changelog: Fixed not being able to use the portable mill. Animals will now try to stay on their own maps and not wa...
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Alpha 1.1.1 hotfix released
New hotfix build, please download! Thanks to Endre for the bug reports on this one! Changelog: Fixed a depth issue with farmland and built floors. Fixed a bug w...
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Alpha 1.1 out now!
Alpha 1.1 Alpha 1.1 is out now for Windows, macOS & Linux! Including a brand new hint system, animal breeding, new items and a lot of fixes + M1/ARM support on...
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Alpha 1.1 screenshots uploaded
Alpha 1.1 will be launching this weekend, just need to get the Mac app signed properly. I've uploaded a ton of new screenshots from the new update, as the view...
Alpha 1.1 progress
Alpha 1.1 is on it's way! Shouldn't be too far off from a release now, just tackling some bugs that have been very hard to figure out. This is a small feature u...
Alpha 1.0 public release out now!
Faraway alpha 1.0 is out now, for Win & Mac! Gladly have a download and try it out, if you can. There will be bugs! (and please report them if you encounter any...
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Alpha build releasing soon
I plan to release an alpha build of the game very soon. Uploaded some screenshots showing off the new lighting system (based on baxslash's L2D Lighting System )...
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If there is a feature you would like to see in the game, changes to already existing stuff / systems..etc. - post it her...
started by reFure Dec 03, 2022
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Faraway: Bug Reports If you've found a bug in Faraway, this will be the right place to report it! Step 1: Please format...
started by reFure Dec 03, 2022
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