A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Faraway is a  2D top-down survival/adventure game in development, for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Generate a random layout on an island and try to survive as long as you can. Collect & gather resources, use them to craft items and progress through different tiers of tools. Unlock upgrades and other items as you play on.

Scout the island for animals, monsters & items. Make a farm or build your own house. Time system in game includes different times of day, and in the night waits monsters out to get you.

The game also has custom keybinding & controller support.*
(*Controller support is Windows only at the moment.)

Featuring artwork by: Butter Milkfinal boss blues & Mega Tiles.

The widescreen screenshots on the side are from alpha 1.2, which is still in development.

Features coming in alpha 1.2:
- Support for 16:9 and 16:10 screens
- New island to explore
- Redone first island with better terrain and details
- Cellar system for houses
- New items, creatures and builds
- Cave system
- New ranged weapons
- Paintbrush, color your builds

and much more..


Faraway a1.1.2 (Windows) 53 MB
Faraway a1.1.2 (Mac) 63 MB
Faraway a1.1.2 (Linux) 54 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Remember to unzip before playing.
macOS: Mac build is universal and will both run on Intel and M1 machines.
Linux: Requires libopengl1 / libopenal1 to be installed.

This is an early alpha build and there will be bugs! Gladly report them here on itch.io, if you can.

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by reFure · 1 post
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