Alpha 1.1 out now!

Alpha 1.1

Alpha 1.1 is out now for Windows, macOS & Linux! Including a brand new hint system, animal breeding, new items and a lot of fixes + M1/ARM support on Mac! Also a build for Linux!



  • Added proper in-game hint / tutorial system.
  • Added animal breeding. Animals of the same race can now breed on their own by staying close to each other, producing offspring.
  • Added new build: Shelter. One-time use 'bed', requires leaves & sticks.
  • Added new item: Foodmix. Can be used to lure animals.
  • Added new item: Bones. Drops from skeletons.
  • New animal: Cow
  • New save system. (old saves will be converted)
  • Item drops now save properly on each map piece.
  • Creatures can now move through map pieces.
  • Monsters can now be ran away from.
  • Scared animals will now turn normal again after a while.
  • Ability to change the player view distance (zoom).
  • Changed the crafting recipe for fences.
  • Chicken can now drop feathers at various times.
  • Potatoes now drop randomly from harvesting a flower (with a hoe).
  • Slime drop rate is now a bit higher.
  • Player collision tweaks and adjustments.
  • Update log now available in menu + hint options.
  • Added scripting system for scripting console commands.
  • AI tweaks.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed creature saving, now creatures save properly on each map.
  • Fixed a problem where having multiple of the same built object would return in only being able to interact with one of them.
  • Tooltip gets properly removed when exiting build/crafting menus.
  • Fixed missing category number on workbench / foodbench.
  • Health bar now returns on every load if it was present.
  • Fixed a bug where some textures would spawn up to the left of the map, causing others to become invisible.
  • Fixed beer craft recipe to use wheat and not carrots.
  • When loading a game, placed objects do not spawn "under" carpenter walls anymore.
  • Fixed some sounds not working.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Native support for Apple Silicon (M1) computers.
  • Disabled controller on Mac for the moment as AGK has removed support for it. (unsupported library)


Faraway a1.1 (Windows) 53 MB
54 days ago
Faraway a1.1 (macOS) 63 MB
54 days ago
Faraway a1.1 (Linux) 54 MB
54 days ago

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