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Distant Lands

Open-world 'image/text-based' survival & exploration game. · By reFure


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Linux beta 1.0 release!
Finally got a linux build up and running. Tested using Linux Mint 21. Requires the OpenAL shared library to be installed (it might be already!) (sudo apt-get in...
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Just like the title says, beta 1.0 is finally out! Hope you all will enjoy this one. CHANGELOG Features Full re-design. New 1280x720 resolution. Added brand new...
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Beta 1.0 announced!
Teaser of beta 1.0 coming soon... Key features: Full re-design Action buttons & redefined gameplay style New menus Achievements Some core re-writes I've disable...
Alpha 1.4.1 released!
Alpha 1.4.1 released! Finally got the game soundtrack working and some very important bug fixes regarding quests! Full changelog: Features: Added ambience music...
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Alpha 1.4 released!
Alpha 1.4 - the "Combat, Cave & Quest" update is here! New combat system! New rare-to-find caves with treasure! Questgivers now in towns + quest system! Enjoy t...
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Alpha 1.3 released!
ALPHA 1.3 RELEASED! I finally got around to releasing alpha 1.3 of Distant Lands. Unfortunately, for now it is Windows only. You can find an experimental browse...
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Alpha 1.3 sneak peak 3
TUTORIAL! (coming in a1.3) Finally there's a proper, but small tutorial that takes you through the basics of the game! A lot of players has commented on that th...
Alpha 1.3 sneak peak 2
New upcoming feature in alpha 1.3: MAPS! Maps allow the user to save locations they've found. This saves the whole location, including your camp if you have pla...
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Hello! Do you have a feature you would like to see in the game? Is there a change you want to suggest / request? Is ther...
started by reFure Nov 15, 2021
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Hello! If you are o ne of the people who downloaded the game, played it for a while and found a bug you wanted to report...
started by reFure Nov 15, 2021
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