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Distant Lands

Open-world survival & exploration game. · By reFure


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Just like the title says, beta 1.0 is finally out! Hope you all will enjoy this one. CHANGELOG Features Full re-design. New 1280x720 resolution. Added brand new...
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Beta 1.0 announced!
Teaser of beta 1.0 coming soon... Key features: Full re-design Action buttons & redefined gameplay style New menus Achievements Some core re-writes I've disable...
Alpha 1.4.1 released!
Alpha 1.4.1 released! Finally got the game soundtrack working and some very important bug fixes regarding quests! Full changelog: Features: Added ambience music...
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Alpha 1.4 released!
Alpha 1.4 - the "Combat, Cave & Quest" update is here! New combat system! New rare-to-find caves with treasure! Questgivers now in towns + quest system! Enjoy t...
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Alpha 1.3 released!
ALPHA 1.3 RELEASED! I finally got around to releasing alpha 1.3 of Distant Lands. Unfortunately, for now it is Windows only. You can find an experimental browse...
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Alpha 1.3 sneak peak 3
TUTORIAL! (coming in a1.3) Finally there's a proper, but small tutorial that takes you through the basics of the game! A lot of players has commented on that th...
Alpha 1.3 sneak peak 2
New upcoming feature in alpha 1.3: MAPS! Maps allow the user to save locations they've found. This saves the whole location, including your camp if you have pla...
Alpha 1.3 sneak peak!
Alpha 1.3 sneak peak! There is a lot of new features coming in alpha 1.3. One of the most visually notable, is the resolution change, the new log and the new bu...
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Hello! Do you have a feature you would like to see in the game? Is there a change you want to suggest / request? Is ther...
started by reFure Nov 15, 2021
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Hello! If you are o ne of the people who downloaded the game, played it for a while and found a bug you wanted to report...
started by reFure Nov 15, 2021
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