Alpha 1.4 released!

Alpha 1.4 - the "Combat, Cave & Quest" update is here! 

New combat system! New rare-to-find caves with treasure! Questgivers now in towns + quest system! Enjoy the update!

Both for macOS & Windows!

Full changelog:

  • Brand new COMBAT system. Attack enemies based on strength and weapons, and gain items or money.
  • Upgrade your new "strength" ability by fighting enemies.
  • The combat system also replaces the "sleep attack" feature at night. Now you can finally fight your attackers back..
  • CAVE system introduced. You can now find caves (rare) and explore them to find treasures and unique enemies.
  • A cave consists of many "levels" to explore before you get to a certain treasure room..or something else?
  • Added small QUEST system. Find a town, and visit the questgiver to get quests. These can earn you money or items.
  • Replaced water purifier with bucket. This also introduces a whole new mechanic. You can now collect water in bucket, before cooking it at the fire.
  • You can now 'drink raw water' on places that have water. This can cause infections!
  • Added some better input commands ('heal' for using provisions, 'cure' for using antibiotics)
  • Replaced Combat Knife with Dagger.
  • Removed sleep attack, but introduced a new variant which can occur.
  • Added a boat icon so you know when you've crafted a boat.
  • Changed all music files to OGG.
  • Added proper loading texts.
  • Added expansion feature for later versions.
  • Added expansion features like animal attack during daytime & town hotels (not properly working yet).
  • Bug: Fixed a loop error which made the game freeze and crash randomly.
  • Bug: Corrected tool upgrades so help / tutorial shows it as a level 3 upgrade.
  • Bug: Corrected combat animal image check at reloaded save.


Distant Lands a1.4 87 MB
Mar 21, 2022
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Mar 21, 2022

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