Just like the title says, beta 1.0 is finally out! Hope you all will enjoy this one.



  • Full re-design.
  • New 1280x720 resolution.
  • Added brand new action button system.
  • Added achievements. Now you can earn achievements for doing certain tasks.
  • Brand new beautiful location images.
  • Brand new menus and global buttons (save, options, achievements).
  • Rewrote the main systems of the game and some core stuff.
  • Resetting finally works - now you don't have you restart the game if you die etc.
  • New interaction silhouettes.
  • Added the ability to find new commands and unlock them. (ex: 'drink raw water')
  • Replaced the small 'use' buttons next to the items and tools by allowing the player to click on the pictures itself.
  • Remastered the tutorial. Added a tutorial prompt before the game starts.
  • Rewrote a lot of input commands and texts.
  • New in-camp and outdoor pictures so you can clearly see when you've upgraded your camp.
  • Unlocked framerate.
  • Combat system now has an attack-time indicator and a block indicator.
  • Added helpful text when you open your map (to avoid confusion).
  • New icon in the maps which shows you if you have a camp set-up there or not.
  • Added mouse scrolling for the log so it's easier to scroll.
  • Changed some button pictures.
  • Added some new sounds.
  • New text design.
  • Redesigned some items (Weeds = Rope, Moss = String)
  • New GUI on screen to show equipped items.
  • Saving the game doesn’t overwrite the last line anymore.
  • Added so you finally can have cross-version saves. This should work about 80% of the time.
  • You will now pick up fur if you hunt in the snowy lands.
  • Added a few changes to the unfinished touchpad mode.
  • Added a sound when an enemy fails to attack in combat.
  • Some crafting changes.
  • You can now craft rope.
  • Removed old shortcut buttons.
  • Removed the text-based options system.
  • Removed most help commands.
  • ...+ small other changes.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: Fixed explore / interactions not properly saving.
  • Bug: Fixed ambience audio not looping properly.
  • Bug: Fixed some ambient music settings.
  • Bug: Fixed bug when trying to collect water from caves.
  • Bug: Fixed some hunting values.
  • Bug: Fixed cave text overlapping.
  • Bug: Fixed a wait for night bug with the tutorial.
  • Bug: Fixed lots of other small stuff.


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Apr 08, 2022
dlands-b1.0-macos.dmg 104 MB
Apr 08, 2022

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