Alpha 1.1 progress

Alpha 1.1 is on it's way!

Shouldn't be too far off from a release now, just tackling some bugs that have been very hard to figure out.
This is a small feature update with a lot of bug fixes.

Creature saving now finally works properly!

With this, I've added the possibility to lure animals (new item - Foodmix, equip it to lure animals), and the possibility for them to breed. This happens on their own by contact and will result in offspring.

(The only limitation for this at the moment is that animals can not be "moved" through different parts of the map.)

I've also included a proper in-game hint / tutorial system which replaces the Guidebook from alpha 1.0.Some other things include a shelter, which is a one-time use bed built from leaves and sticks.

+ as you can probably see, the view distance is now bigger. I have made a possibility of changing the view distance by pressing M.

More info to come soon..!
- Nic

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